Mother’s Day Quell

Work has been insane. Oh boy, it has. But if there is ever a post that is never too late to publish - it is one which voices the appreciation and gratitude I have for my mother and I suppose, mothers in general! So why is this called a mothers day quell? Simply because that … Continue reading Mother’s Day Quell


Wild Child

I always wondered what it takes to really know a person. Is it their looks? From a single conversation? Or from going through tough times together with them? What I know for sure is that you shouldn't be defined by your history. I would never agree to that, simply because if I did - I wouldn't … Continue reading Wild Child

Get your SH*T together : Make Up & Accessories

There are multiple organisation tip’s out there, and I am pretty sure I have tried them all! More often than not, those organisation tips have ended up causing me more inconvenience (they have added to my already long list of things that need cleaning! I need function, not DUST COLLECTORS). So being the nerdy (and BUSY!) consultant that I … Continue reading Get your SH*T together : Make Up & Accessories