Making Home Exciting

I have been spending a lot of time at home lately. Most people wonder how I can be such a home body. Truth is, I love my home. I can be in solitary confinement forever and still be happy. I love my home that much. I think it is largely because I took time off to really move things around and try make living at home more exciting. Below are some simple steps I took that made a world of difference in my home-living experience and in my entertaining experience (yes, I like to get my visitors or guest to feel like they participated in my home activities – read on to understand!). Do give the following a go:

TRICK 1: Drinks Box

You know that feeling when you enter a hotel room and there is a counter filled with coffee and tea options? There is just something so warm and inviting about a drinks box. Guest could mosey on over to make themselves a cup of tea when they visit. Lately, what I have been doing is having tea every night. Having my multiple tea bags on display makes making tea fun! I get to dig through all the options, pick up my favourite and even go for something new once in a while.

The best part is, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy: I made my drinks box using an Ikea box (PLUGGIS, 8 Litre Waste Sorting Bin for RM34.90), original coffee or tea boxes to compartmentalise and some “stolen” hotel sachets of cream and sugar (a special thank you to my lovely high flying relatives who contributed to the crime!). And of course, feel free to customise your drinks box according to your liking. I for one LOVE my chocolate and decided to incorporate that in my drinks box. No hotel has done that before, I am sure! If you do not take sugar, add honey or stevia in your drinks box instead. Make it YOURS!

PRACTICAL TIP: Place it near your source of hot water, be it a water dispenser or an electric kettle. The closer it is, the less footfall you need to kick up a good drink! Lazy talk here!

TRICK 2: Lucky Draws

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This is something new I started recently and is so in love with it! It all started with shopping! Yes, if you shop half as much as I do – you will have collected a nice potpourri of sample sized items. Be it hair products, skin care products – these samples are just tiny, enough for a single use. So I decided to make a bin of all my sample products. Every once in a while I will just run my hands through the bin and pick out something new to try. It just makes my life a little more unpredictable and exciting! This can be applied to food samples, skin, hair, make up samples. The options are endless! If you are in a giving mood – let guest have a go!

PRACTICAL TIP: Place it at your make up dresser or wherever your skin care routine is. If you like, you may even place it in a fancy vase or jar to make it part of your decor!

TRICK 3: Chalkboards

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I feel like chalkboards enable some level of teamwork within a home. My chalkboard is from Ikea (MALARNA, Blackboard planner for RM159) and I fell in love with it because it had the days of the week on it. That is really all I need, just a place to jot down key events or activities for the week and and an area for shopping lists. What that allows you to do is hold people accountable – even when they are not permanent residence of the home! You can tell them to add something on the board (shopping) list if they need it or if they used the last item of something. Additionally, if there ever is a key event happening that week, they can no longer pretend to not know! What I have found most useful is writing down my weekly meal plans just so I know what exactly I need to cook up on any given day. It also makes shopping easy as I have both the shopping list and meal plan next to each other in a single snapshot. If I am unable to find something on my shopping list I simply identify what substitutes I can have for a particular meal OR change the meal plan altogether.

P/S: Let your guest have fun with the board! I have had plenty of guest leave me cheeky notes without me knowing and seeing those notes never fail to make me smile!

PRACTICAL TIP: Place it in a common space so friends and guest can have fun with it. Trust me, if your guest see a chalkboard – their inner child comes out and they will SCRIBBLE!

TRICK 4: Pamper Kit

If you are anything like me, this will not only make you happy, but may actually contribute to a better healthier lifestyle. We need to pamper ourselves EVERY single day, and I ALWAYS ALWAYS forget that. Being a ‘lazy person’, what has really worked is creating this pamper kit that I dig through right before sleep. In this kit are just 6 things:

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  • Warm fuzzy socks (from Primark)
  • Face Masks (Neogence, from Sasa)
  • Eye Masks (Soo Beaute Hourse Oil Eye Patch, from Sasa)
  • Bio Oil (from Guardian)
  • Vaseline (from Guardian)
  • Lavender Spray (from Sabai Arom, a Thai based aromatherapy company)

What I tend to do as I read a book or start to unwind with some youtube videos is (1) slather on some bio oil and vaseline, massage it all over my body (2) put on those fuzzy socks over my oily feet and (3) rip apart a face/eye mask and slap it on (4) finally, pump a couple of calming lavender sprays on my pillow case. So the entire night, I get well rested and hydrated. Love it.

PRACTICAL TIP: Place this right by the bed! Try make use of what you have, create a space in the bedside drawer like what I do OR buy an Ikea bin and slide it beneath your bed.

TRICK 5: Fairy Lights

Oh boy, this trick needs no further introduction 🙂 A picture paints a thousand words. What I love to do is switch off all lights, and turn ONLY these on. During which time, I start having conversations with God, or have conversations with loved ones before bed. The best part is, the one I have is battery operated (from Typo, I think it was around RM60) and I have full control over where I want the switch to be. As this is my last routine before my shut eye, the switch is located within arms length away from my sleeping position. Ahhh…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

PRACTICAL TIP: I would swap my bedhead for this any day.


That is it really! Hope you found this useful. Hit the like button if you would like more write ups like this and comment down below on how you make your home more exciting! I would love to know!

Love, Gnat


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