Make Up Organisation

There are multiple organisation tip’s out there, and I am pretty sure I have tried them all!

More often than not, those organisation tips have ended up causing me more inconvenience (they have added to my already long list of things that need cleaning! I need function, not DUST COLLECTORS). So being the nerdy (and BUSY!) consultant that I am, I have decided to SIMPLIFY storage and organisation tips for Make Up & Beauty products. This approach is my go-to and has served me pretty well. And by the term ‘pretty well’ I am specifically referring to 3 key things:


Preservation: My items, especially accessories – stay intact and last longer
Efficiency: I no longer waste time digging through piles of items just ‘looking’
Fashion: Dressing up has become more fun, mixing and matching has been made easy


In order to achieve that, I have learnt that not all organisation tools need to be expensive. I spare no expense on storage for my expensive jewellery, where a little plush fabric is required. In addition, if its something that will likely see me through multiple years, or is a little more mechanical (think miniature drawers, or things that slide) I spend a little more on that. Other than that, I use whatever I have at home (mugs, cups, coasters) or go to the dollar store (my favourite is Daiso). Now the big question is, what items should be stored in WHAT and HOW? I’ve broken down the remaining of this blog according to WHAT storage tool and accompanied that with HOW the items should be stored within the storage tool. Let’s get to it:

1) Bins

Useful if the items inside are drastically different from one another i.e.: comb in a pile of hair gels; OR are extremely similar i.e.: a Dior foundation vs a Maybeline foundation will not be that different in colour. Point is, items in a bin makes sense if it is easy to pick out OR if you are indifferent about what you pick out.

Beauty about bins is that it creates ‘superficial order’. What I mean is: all clutter is limited to ONE bucket, and the bucket is put aside. It makes your home look a little more organised as your clutter is limited to a section of your home only.

Good for…

  • Hair Products: Pile in your hairdryer, your comb, your styling gel, serum etc. – when you need to do your hair, just take the bucket out

  • Foundation & Powder: You are not a chameleon, and thus not likely to need much ‘selection’ where these are concerned. Chuck it all in a mini bin.
  • Samples: Love putting these in bins! Every once in a while I do a mini lucky draw and treat myself to a sample product to try! Life is too short to keep those aside!

2) Cups

Useful for things that are tall and narrow, need to stand and do not take up too much space. These are different from bins in that you AVOID mixing your items. In other words, it’s a small bin, for a very specific item. An anti-social bin so to speak. You may choose to use household items (think plastic cups from IKEA or random glass bowls) or purchase cups that are made for the purpose of storage.

Good for


  • Make Up Brushes: Use sectioned cups to separate your brush types. Little tip, add silica gels you have from supplements, these keep moisture out! (see bottom right)
  • Hair Ties and Cotton Pads: Best with covers. My covers have tiny holes in them. Which means I can just slip my hair ties through the holes whenever I am done.
  • Statement Accessories & Watches: Applies to more expensive items i.e.: items less prone to oxidation or rust, and items which you do not want scratched by other items

3) Zip Locks

Useful for things that have wear and tear, are dainty or comes in sets. If you are thinking accessories, then you are on the right track. To be honest, I couldn’t figure out a more user friendly method to store these items, and ultimately, you will still have to ransack your items a little to pick out the right one. The plus side is, the ziplock are clear bags so I never really spend too much time looking. That being said, I have experimented with tool box drawers, with wall nets, and clear plastic hanging displays. All of which added to the convenience of finding items, but sadly, resulted in my items being rusty or filled with dust 😔 So I am back to being a strong advocate of zip locks!

Good for

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
  • Low to medium quality accessories: Ones that risk oxidation, rust or risk getting tangled with everything else

4) Flat Store

Useful for fashionable, more expensive items. Flat storages refer to a SINGLE layer (no stacking or multiple layers above) of items, where you can visibly see and compare the items with other items. These are typically items that come in various colours (and potentially shapes too), and items which you would pair differently depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Good for


  • High end accessories: No risk of oxidation and the flat storage means you can cluster them according to colours. Very easy to pair the right colours with your outfit!
  • Lipsticks: Started colour coordinating my lipsticks (albeit imperfectly) according to shades (light to dark) and colour (reds, orange, browns). Dressing up is so much fun!

5) Flaunt

Useful for items with a high frequency of use, are sealed and are limited in number. These are items which you do NOT hide in drawers or cupboards. And sure, it is very ideal to live like you are in a resort hotel with NOTHING on your counter top but if you are anything like me, having key items visible can actually increase your frequency of using them. If your concern is about how tedious cleaning can be with multiple items on your counter – you can resolve it by: (1) GETTING RID OF THINGS or (2) TRAYS! Yes, placing items on trays, like placing them in bins; can actually create order in the madness.

Good for


  • Skincare: Toner, serum etc. Things you use everyday, multiple times a day. Note that my “tray” is a cork board 😃 it does the job perfectly, especially when I spill items
  • Perfumes: These are pretty and make really nice display items. I like to keep my perfumes really far apart so it looks like an ‘interior decor’

One thing you will note is that I do not have that many products or items. I prefer to have a few items at any one time, utilise them and throw them away. So these suggestions really work well if you do not have too many items. In the event you do have a lot of items, you might want to consider decluttering (check out my earlier blog on living a clutter-free life) and giving some things away. It may sound like a painful process right now, but I assure you, the lightness you feel with less will make up for things. Less really is more. Stay tuned for my blog on household / kitchen organisation tips! 😃 Planning on making it a video instead of purely a blog write up. Let me know your thoughts!



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