Feeling Objectified!

Just an enlightened thought came to mind today – we are all objects.

1) Like an object, we were CREATED to serve a purpose

If that were not true, then all of us would have had equal gifts. No different from one another. However, that is so far from the truth. In a single classroom of students, there are Musicians, Doctors, Engineers, Chefs — we were not made equal. We do not score 100% in every single classroom topic. Instead, we have strengths and we have weaknesses – unique to US.

2) Like an object, we do NOT know our purpose

A toaster does not know it is a toaster. For all intents and purposes, it is pieces of metal and barbed wires joined together. Similarly, I was not born with an immediate knowledge of my skills. I was not born knowing that I will be doing what I am doing today. I was not born with a glass globe telling me what I was created for. I am an object and quite frankly, a very stupid one to start with! (Yes, I was one of those that decided it was a good idea to touch a hot iron)

3) Like an object, we do come with a MANUAL (yes we do)

The manual sheds light on what the object is, how it can be used, and what to do to troubleshoot in times of trouble. A manual is able to help and you DO NOT throw it away because it was written by the CREATOR. Similarly, the Bible is a manual. It is an old manual, but it is a timeless manual – thus, it is a new manual, applicable for infinite times and across infinite generations. It was written by GOD the CREATOR through others. I strongly believe that because multiple books within the Bible ‘overlap’, and stories are coherent and concur with history. Surely, there was ONE big author co-ordinating the writing of a highly complex and elaborate manual. You seek the manual to understand the object better. Thus, you seek the bible to understand YOUR purpose better.

So to summarise, we are an object. We were created to serve a purpose, and we have a manual. Here is were the good news: UNLIKE an object, we KNOW the inventor. We actually get to APPROACH the inventor every single day, seeking clarity on our manual – What we were designed for and how we can get through a hard time. We have ACCESS to the truth, it is there. It is everywhere, but we need to SEEK it first.

Have a happy week people! This was just too simple an analogy for me to not write about it. Don’t give up on life. It really isn’t that hard. Just talk to the inventor 🙂 You will get answers: find YOUR purpose and the problems of the world YOU were created to solve.

Love You.


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