That 1 Comment

My biggest take away to date is that life can be a harsh place. You can never make everyone happy, and no matter how hard you try – you will always be a failure in someones eyes. So, there really is no need to try and meet everyone’s expectations. The best thing you can do is be the best person you can be at any given time. If you hold on to that, regardless of the outcome, you can rest assured that you gave it your best and you should be proud of that.

And this morning, I was completely inspired by that “1 person”, the one who hates you, the one who will never think you are good enough. Not because you are terrible, but because their ego’s are too big to recognise, maybe, just maybe – you are better than THEM… 🙂

That 1 Person

He may tear me down,
He may make me frown,
But no I won’t stop,
Till I get to the top.

He may choose to sideline me,
Outcast and downsize me,
But no I won’t stop,
Till I get to the top.

He can say words that hurt and pierce,
He may seem threatening and fierce,
But no I won’t stop,
Till I get to the top.

Your words little young man,
Has no power over God’s plan,
So you can break me, shake me, refuse and deny me,
but I will reach to the top – you will see

You see, I have the Power of God in me,
He works through me, empowers me and makes me,
He will never let the devil cross my path,
Or let someone like you tell me I am not up to task.

His plan for me are Great,
I will continue to hold on to that fate,
So until The Almighty tells me no,
I will shut you, ignore you and continue to GO, GO, GO.

And here is the reality –  the winners of life are the ones with PERSPECTIVE. Those that are unable to gain perspective will find a tiny blip in their journey and let that ruin their life and quite literally – God’s entire plan for you. So remember, 1 negative comment does not define you. There are 100,000+ positive comments that you have. REFUSE and CHOOSE not to let that 1 comment get to you. AND if you haven’t already – find people in your life who will give you perspective. And when you do, hold on to them and cherish them.


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